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Taurus Beds. Your personal bed maker.


Today, you can order a beautiful Taurus bed, or a piece of Taurus solid wood bedroom furniture, wherever you live and whatever time of day or night works best for you.

But, this wasn’t always the case, of course, because we’ve been making fantastic beds, order by order, and delivering them from our North London showrooms, for almost 40 years.

In October 2022 we closed our Swiss Cottage store, and are now all here every day working on the new Taurus retail presence, which will make it easier for customers who’d like to actually visit us to drive up, park up and shop in comfort, as well as on making sure our online business is simply the best it can be.

Every bed made to order.

We don’t hold stock, because we make every bed exactly as the customer would like it.

We have 27 different Wooden Beds, 14 Upholstered Frame Beds, 13 Upholstered Ottoman Beds and 6 upholstered Divans.

Most of our Wooden Beds can be made in 7 different widths, from a 2’ 6” wide Small Single to a 6’ wide Super King, while all the Upholstered models come in 5 widths.

Every Wooden Bed can be ordered in any of 13 different finishes. Three different waxes. Five lacquers. And four paint colours.

Every Upholstered Bed comes in 79 different fabrics, across a 7 different fabric types.

Need more customisation than this?

PJ WorkshopPJ Workshop

Because we make every bed to order, if you need your bed making as a truly bespoke order, we can do that for you.

So a standard order is where you choose the style, the width and the finish or fabric. But a bespoke order means that our expert bed builders will make your bed as a complete one-off for you.

We can make your bed with longer or shorter legs. We can make it exceptionally long or unusually short. We can make it an irregular width that isn’t in our range. And if you do order an unconventional sized bed, we can supply a specially made mattress to go with it, too.)

We can paint a wooden bed to match any colour in the Farrow & Ball paint range. (We can even supply it entirely unfinished for you to paint yourself, but we advise against this!)

Handbuilt in Britain

Glued FootendGlued Footend

All our beds are made at our woodwork and upholstery workshops in the UK, by real, crafting furniture makers. They combine traditional skills and techniques with the best modern techniques, components and materials. The result is a great quality bed, made exactly as you want it, that will give you a blissful night’s sleep for years to come.

Our sprung mattresses are hand manufactured in London, by the maker who has been supplying us for more than twenty years.

Our memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses are made in Britain, by leading brand manufacturers, who we think are the best there is.

Our wooden bedroom furniture, and wooden bookcases are hand built, just like our wood beds, in our UK factory. They can be made for you in any of our range of finishes.

Beautiful beds with first-class service

Dimensioning SidesDimensioning Sides

Our beds account for 50% of the reason people like shopping with us.

Our service accounts for the other 50%.

Once you place your order online, we’ll telephone you, just to check it over, make sure you know exactly what you’ve ordered and that it’s going to be right for you.

We’ll work out a delivery date that’s going to be convenient for you.

And we’ll keep in touch with you before the date comes to deliver.

And if there’s anything else we can do to help you… all you have to do is ask.