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Upholstered mayfair bed with purple velvet

Make great sleep your top priority with our bed sale

Want to put a good night’s sleep at the top of your 2022 priority list? Our Winter Bed Sale is still on with up to 40% off wooden beds, mattresses, bedding and furniture AND 20% off all our fabric beds. To help you find your ‘dream’ match, we’ve selected our top picks in our bed

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How The World Sleeps – Bed Styles From Around The World

Bedrooms and bed styles tell a story. They express your identity, reveal your culture and display long standing traditions. When travelling abroad, you’re likely to encounter sleep environments that you’re not used to. Beds styles from around the world have striking differences between countries, and are shown through the varying types of bed styles that

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The 5 Versatile Advantages Of Zip And Link Beds

Looking for a new bed and mattress and come up short in your hunt for the perfect bed? You may have come across the term ‘zip and link’ wooden beds then. Kyoto zip and link beds are essentially beds that zip together. Originally made especially for hotels and B&B’s due to their versatility, they come

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