velvet divan with underbed drawers

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velvet divan with underbed drawersvelvet divan with underbed drawers

Whatever the size of your home, there’s always one thing we could use a little more of. From minimising clutter, storing bedding and blankets, or as the perfect place to hide those Christmas presents, storage is at a premium these days, and there never seems to be enough of it. 

So if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to create more space and keep your home clutter-free, you only have to look under your bed to find the solution. From ottomans to divans with drawers, storage beds are the perfect place to create some much-needed space. 

Upholstered Ottomans 

Perfect for bedding, pillows, duvets, bulkier items that you don’t always need within easy reach, ottoman beds provide discreet storage with the look of a divan. These clever storage beds are designed with a platform that raises easily on pressure-assisted support struts from the foot end (with the mattress still in place) to reveal one huge storage compartment. 

Our upholstered ottomans come in. 

  • 5 different sizes 
  • 79 colours 
  • 7 different fabric ranges 

Handbuilt and upholstered to your order – in fact, we can even upholster your ottoman in your own fabric, too (just so long as it’s fire retardant). So you can blend your ottoman into your bedroom decor with ease. We also do single and small double ottomans, so it’s not just the double or king-sized beds that benefit from secret storage! 

divan bed with drawersdivan bed with drawers

Upholstered Divans with drawers

Looking for the classic divan style with the added benefit of under bed storage? Our upholstered divan beds can be made with storage in the base or with two or four drawers built-in. Choose from normal drawers or the continental drawers, which have a smaller drawer at the head of the bed to enable you to have a bedside table on either side.

Upholstered divan ottoman 

Best of both worlds? Why not opt for an upholstered divan with an ottoman? A space-saving bed where the mattress platform raises on pressure-assisted support struts from the foot end (with the mattress still in place) to reveal two side by side storage compartments, running the entire length of the bed —from head to toe. There’s no need to compromise with a space-saving bed! 

Under-bed drawers 

Great for organising and tidying away items you need to have easy access to, from shoes and clothing to books, under-bed drawers help to max out on the space underneath our wooden beds. Opt for one side or both sides of the bed; each drawer is on four castors so that it rolls in and out with ease. 


pink fabric ottomancabin bed with drawerscabin bed with drawers

Small space-saving solutions 

And for the kids or small spaces? How about a cabin bed? Inspired by the storage and berth solutions found on boats, our cabin bed is ideal for children and teenagers or a small spare room. Plus, the cabin bed gives you four roomy drawers under the elevated bed, helping the kids keep their rooms tidy – no excuse! 

Things to consider 

  • What items do you need to store? 
  • How much space do you have on either side?  
  • Do you want a bed that already has a headboard? 

Why not pop into our North London bed store or chat with us online to find out which storage solution is right for you! 


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