We are primarily bed makers, and there is no shortage of retailers and online stores where you can choose from an endless variety of bedding. However, we’re keen to help you enjoy your new Taurus bed with a minimum of hassle.

A delicious new duvet not only looks and feels incredible, it also transforms your sleep, enveloping you in a warmth and softness that transport you safely to dreamland and hold you there snugly until morning. We sell a small but carefully selected choice, offering you either natural goose feather or synthetic fillings, and lower or higher tog ratings. Both types come in four different sizes, from Single to Super King.

We do not sell duvet covers online, though visitors to our store in North London will find a range of these available.

Prices shown on this page

The prices shown on this page are the price we charge for a 4’6″ Double size. When you go to the page for an individual duvet and select the size you are looking for, you’ll be shown the exact price for the specific size you choose.

Taurus Winter Sale up to 40%


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