All Bed Sizes

This is our entire bed range, covering all the beds we sell regardless of the sizes in which they are, or are not, available. This means that, while all our Upholstered beds are available in Single, Small Double, Double, King and Super King, and our Wooden beds are also available in Small Single, Large Single and Continental King, every bed that we do in any size at all, including those few that are available only in Single sizes, is shown here.

By convention, beds are always referred to by the size of the mattress they are built to accommodate, with dimensions attached in feet and inches. Thus a Single bed is described as being 3’0″ wide and 6′ 3″ long, and a Double as being 4′ 6″ wide and 6′ 3″ long. However, most beds have additional width and length due to the frame and headboard of the bed. For this reason, we show an accurate table of the actual dimensions of each bed on its product page.

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