Continental King Size Mattresses. 5′ 3″ wide in three comfortable firmness levels.

This is the complete range of mattresses of all kinds that we are able to supply in the 5’3″ width Continental King Size.  This is the size made popular by furniture retailer IKEA.

We have Orthopaedic, Pocket Sprung, Memory Foam, Pocket Sprung/Memory Hybrid and Latex double mattresses for you to choose from in this size, giving you a good selection at whichever level of firmness you like.

You may already be familiar with a Continental King Size mattress and if you have a bed in this size and are now simply replacing your mattress, then this is of course the size you’ll need. If you’re buying a new bed, however, and have a little more room available, you may also like to consider whether the extra width of a 6′ 0″ width Super King might give you an even more generous amount of sleep room. On the other hand, if you’re not entirely sure you have the room for a Continental King, then an ordinary 5′ 0″ King Size may be preferable.


Prices shown on this page

The prices shown on this page are the price we charge for that mattress in the smallest available size, which will usually be a Small Single. When you go to the page for any individual mattress and select the size you are looking for, in this case Continental King size, you’ll be shown the exact price for that mattress in Continental King size.

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