Large Single Mattresses. 3′ 6″ wide in three comfortable firmness levels.

This is the complete range of mattresses of all kinds that we are able to supply in the 3’6″ width of a Large Single Bed. This is an extremely useful and so popular mattress size, especially in teenage and guest rooms not quite able to fit a Double bed. Consequently, many of our mattresses come in this size.

So we have Orthopaedic, Pocket Sprung, Memory Foam, Pocket Sprung/Memory Hybrid and Latex Large Single width models for you to choose from, giving you a good selection at whichever level of firmness you like.

You may never have slept on a mattress of this size, but the extra 6″ width over a standard Single bed really makes a difference the experience. It can also provide a growing teenager with greater sleeping comfort, and may even allow you to avoid a plea for ‘a bigger bed’ as they get older.

If you are a little pushed for space and cannot accommodate a Double bed, this width can be a huge help in still providing a sleep space that feels more generous than that of a Single. If you don’t really have room for this, you might of course also like to think about our 3’0″ mattress width – Single. This is the default width for a one person bed, and so very adequate in terms of roominess. If space is really at a premium, many of our mattresses also come in a 2’6″ width called Small Single.

Prices shown on this page

The prices shown on this page are the price we charge for that mattress in the smallest available size, which will usually be a Small Single. When you go to the page for any individual mattress and select the size you are looking for, in this case Large Single, you’ll be shown the exact price for that mattress in Large Single size.

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