Fabulously comfortable natural Latex mattresses

Our range of fabulously comfortable, natural latex mattresses, mainly by Dunlopillo and Sealy.

This type of mattress is constructed from a core of high density latex, with top layers of softer, inviting and amazingly responsive natural latex rubber. The latex adapts its indentation to your body shape, providing excellent alignment to your spine and helping you sleep comfortably.

Latex has a natural elasticity, which helps restore its form once you get up. As it is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, this kind of mattress is beneficial for people prone to respiratory problems. These mattresses can also help prevent you reacting to the bacteria or dust mites that can accumulate within the padding of a traditional mattress. collecting within your mattress.

Latex mattresses respond instantly and adapt to your profile and movements, helping you to get deeper and more restful sleep. The high quality latex used has an open cell structure made up of millions of interconnecting microscopic air bubbles. This not only ensures very supportive mattresses, but also promotes constant air circulation. Natural movement during the night helps ventilate the mattresses and keep your bed at a constant and comfortable temperature.


Our range, some of which are hybrid Latex mattresses combining a latex layer with a pocket sprung foundation, includes Medium Firm, Firm and Extra Firm models.


The prices shown on this page are the cost of the mattress in a 4’6″ Double size. If you use the ‘Size’ filter on this page, then you will be shown the price of each mattress in the size you have selected. (If you have multiple sizes filtered, the lowest price is shown.) When you go to the page for any individual mattress, you’ll be shown the exact price for the specific size you choose there.

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