Comfortable and supportive Spring/Memory Foam Hybrid mattresses

Spring/Memory hybrid mattresses (sometimes called Memory Pocket mattresses) are a popular mattress construction that offers the best of both worlds. If you like the underlying rigidity and structure of a traditional pocket-sprung mattress, but would also like the adaptive support of modern Memory Foam, this may be your ideal mattress type.

The hybrid construction combines a base made of individual springs stitched into their own fabric pockets with layers of upholstery padding and a relatively thick top layer of high quality Memory Foam. The Memory Foam moulds to the contours of your body while you sleep, holding the spine in alignment.

These are amazingly comfortable and supportive mattresses. We sell models we’ve chosen with care from leading specialist manufacturers, as well an own brand model from our own mattress maker in East London.


Our range includes Spring/Memory mattresses in Medium Firm, Firm and Extra Firm.


The prices shown on this page are the cost of the mattress in a 4’6″ Double size. If you use the ‘Size’ filter on this page, then you will be shown the price of each mattress in the size you have selected. (If you have multiple sizes filtered, the lowest price is shown.) When you go to the page for any individual mattress, you’ll be shown the exact price for the specific size you choose there.

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