Superb quality, comfortable Orthopaedic mattresses

Our Orthopaedic mattresses (sometimes called Open Coil mattresses) are hand-tufted and offer really great value for money. They are made for us by our own mattress maker in East London.

The spring unit has rectangular top and bottom frames that run around the full length and width of the bed. The spring mechanism is arranged in a sandwich between these. This is an economical and traditional way to make mattresses but, because the springs are all attached to the frames, movement by your partner on their side of the mattress is transferred directly to you on your side. So if your partner tosses and turns in her or his sleep, you may wish to consider a Pocket Sprung, Memory Foam or hybrid Memory Foam/Pocket Spring mattress instead.

These mattresses are an excellent choice for children, teenagers and guest beds receiving only occasional use. They are also popular with landlords looking for a good value but still excellent quality mattress for furnished accommodation.


We sell Orthopedic mattresses with Medium Firm (13.5 Gauge springs), Firm and Extra Firm (both 12.5 Gauge springs) sprung interiors. We also sell Deluxe Medium Firm and Deluxe Firm models which give you a softer, gentler surface pad to sleep on, without reducing the actual firmness of the mattress.


The prices shown on this page are the cost of the mattress in a 4’6″ Double size. (Except Trundle mattresses where the mattresses are available only in a choice of single sizes). If you use the ‘Size’ filter on this page, then you will be shown the price of each mattress in the size you have selected. (If you have multiple sizes filtered, the lowest price is shown.) When you go to the page for any individual mattress, you’ll be shown the exact price for the specific size you choose there.

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