Superb Pocket Sprung mattresses with individually pocketed springs

Pocket Sprung models had the upper end of the mattress market pretty much to themselves until Memory Foam and other modern mattress technologies came along, and this type of mattress construction is still hugely popular and exceptionally comfortable.

Each spring on this type of mattress is sewn into its own, independent fabric pocket, and the mattress unit contains many more springs than you will usually find on an Orthopaedic mattress. The mattress is more responsive to your movements than an Orthopaedic, and shapes itself to the contours of your body, giving you a more restful sleep. (It does not shape to your body to the same level as a Memory Foam or Latex mattress, however.)

Because the springs are not connected to an overall top frame as they are in an Orthopaedic mattress, they move independently on each side of the bed under the weight and motion of the person sleeping on them. That means that you will not be disturbed on your side of the bed by the movements of your partner on the other side.


We supply Pocket Sprung mattresses in Medium Firm (800 springs), Firm (1000 springs) and Extra Firm (1000 and 1500 springs).


The prices shown on this page are the cost of the mattress in a 4’6″ Double size. If you use the ‘Size’ filter on this page, then you will be shown the price of each mattress in the size you have selected. (If you have multiple sizes filtered, the lowest price is shown.) When you go to the page for any individual mattress, you’ll be shown the exact price for the specific size you choose there.

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