Underbed Drawers

Taurus 5 Year GuaranteeTaurus 5 Year Guarantee

Make maximum use of the space beneath our wooden beds by adding Underbed Drawers finished in the same wax, lacquer or paint as your bed.

Front to back, these versatile drawers measure just under half the width of a 4’ 6” Double bed, So you can have them on both sides (or of course on just one) of a bed that’s Double or wider. Each drawer is on four castors so that it rolls in and out easily.

Drawers come in Standard and Large widths. You can fit two Standard drawers side by side under one side of a bed. Alternatively, if you choose one Large drawer you’ll have room for a bedside chest or table to be placed at the head end of your bed without obstructing the drawer.

Universal drawers are designed to fit under the majority of our wooden bed models. If you’ve chosen a Kyoto bed orKyoto Bed with Headboard, however, you’ll need the special Kyoto drawers.

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